When Francis Met Charlie…

Later, when evening fell, “17 Kelawai” opened its doors at the far side of town. Charlie greeted each customer in turn. He smiled at the well-worn pleasantries and chuckled at jokes heard repeatedly over the years with a practiced stoicism. He’d joined the place some years back and had fully absorbed its culture of quiet service and understated courtesy.

An old man from the passers-by entered the restaurant. Though, Charlie could recognized most in-town but not this one. “Evening, Sir” he said, helping him out of his coat. “We have a table for you and company.” “Splendid I’m starving to death, you do have great food, do you?” “Fret not, most certainly we do, Sir. In fact, we served one of the finest on this Pearl of the Orient” he said.

“Are you expecting company?”

“No. This would be a quiet one.”

He proceeded to make his choice for a great dine. Moments later, Charlie swung by the old man’s table again and this old chap queried “How do you keep in such good nick?” he marvelled. Virtuous living, chuckled Charlie. You, on the other hand, are in equal good steed as well. The old man chuckled. “Then how should I suppose to be living a virtuous one?”, he added.

“Oh, a day without laughter, is a day wasted”, replied Charlie.

“Well said indeed”, nodded the old man. “And what would be your last name, son?”

“It’s Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin. And yours, Sir?”

With a large grin on his face, the old man replied,

“Francis, Captain Francis Light”

“Bon Appetite, Captain!”